rent a philosopher

how is your thinking today?

common thinking problems
you might recognize
lacking focus
dodging responsibility
do you want to check your
capacity to think?
who are we?

we are philosophy practitioners

reasoning competencies are our priority

work with us to find out your strengths and learn what you can improve by exercising reason

the approaches we use
1. Socratic Dialogue

Who you are

  • Enter a dialogue as if you were a character in one of Plato’s dialogue!
  • Learn effective listening and exercise patience with oneself.
  • Learn to enjoy uncomfortable questions and to grow through them.
2. Philosophical Mapping
Where you are

  • Discover which worldview you have and where it is placed in the overall map of philosophical ideas. Do you sound more like Nietzsche, or like Kant?
  • Recognize philosophical patterns in others and restructure your speech accordingly.
  • Be at home with any idea or thinking pattern you encounter.
3. Critical Thinking

What to become

  • Recognize the limitations of ideas and gain skills to strengthen them.
  • See the whole picture instead of obsessing on a single idea.
  • Be able to ask the right question at the right moment.
we have been rented for
individual logic-based psychotherapy
collaborative thinking for couples
philosophizing within the family
custom soft skills training for teams
teacher's training in philosophy (for children and teenagers)
assessment of human resources
enough postponing!
who can I pick?
  • Andrei Simionescu

    Philosophy for entrepreneurs

    & employees

    ~ Trained by the Oscar Brenifier IPP in

    Critical Thinking

    ~ Ph.D. in Philosophy

    Trains individuals and groups in philosophy, practical logic, and critical thinking skills.

  • Anca Tiurean

    Philosophy for families, couples,

    and small groups

    ~ Trained by the Oscar Brenifier IPP in

    Philosophy for Groups

    ~ Certified Systemic Psychotherapist

    ~ MA in Philosophical Counseling

    Trains couples and parents to think and decide for themselves both individually and collaboratively.

  • Veronica Bâtcă

    Philosophy for children.

    Five Elements Therapy

    ~ Trained by the Oscar Brenifier IPP in

    Philosophical Counseling

    ~ Certified Five Elements Therapist

    ~ MA in Philosophical Counseling

    Trains children and adults to build self-awareness. Combines Socratic and Chinese philosophy to improve one's life quality.

  • Taisiya Kondratyeva

    Philosophy for knowing
    Oneself & Others

    MA in philosophical counseling and consultancy.

    Trains individuals and groups how to be aware of themselves and others via improving their critical thinking skills and philosophizing.

  • Arminda Arșoi

    Philosophy for parents

    MA in philosophical counseling and consultancy.

    Thinking about being a parent is part of becoming a parent. I organize group and individual meetings for parents to clarify ideas and foster self-awareness.

  • Mihail Pricop

    Philosophy for Companies

    APPA certified Dilemma Training for organisations and different age groups


    Helps your company define its values and mission statement.

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